Mechanical Text - D

Getting back to a letter I did a while back, with colours I took from one of my favourite Transformers when I was a kid. #lettering #letters #pencils #inking #finishedart #typography

Mechanical Text - Theo

Now that I'm a good few few letters deep into my typography series, I thought it's time to start putting some name designs together. This is a really good one to start with. If you want to order a name like this for yourself or someone else, feel free to contact me for prices! #names #typography #letters #finishedart

Mechanical Text - Y

Hey, it's 2020! I haven't been keeping up to date on here as much, as 2019 ended up with some bare craziness. Here's the letter y, with more to come. #letters #typography #lettering #finishedart #inking #pencils

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