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João Barkley Interior design with my art

This is an unexpected surprise! João Barkley, a Sydney-based interior designer has been working with images I've created in designs for, as she describes it,

"a conceptual design for a Game Studio-GameSHINE Studio- at one of the Central Park areas."

The GameSHINE studio is, if you don't know, one of the schemes run by ArtSHINE, and which got me involved with Yelkrab Studios, and the Primal:Khaos project. Seeing this space is fantastic in itself, and seeing my work used in it is pretty damn sweet.

Here's a more closeup look at the pieces I saw used in there (let me know if you spotted any I missed). Also, DO go and have a look at the full post on João's site, where she goes into her working process, the specific qualities that were required in the brief, and more.

What do you think? Like I said, I was really presently surprised by this, and it was another instance where it was really exciting seeing one artist use my art to create something new, which I've really enjoyed lately. Is this a place you'd like to work in?

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