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This is a comic that mixes a whole bunch of influences for me. Robots / cyborgs, technology, economics, Freakonomics podcasts and games I played on my old Commodore Amiga 500 in the 90s. It's come out a bit dark, and I'm actually pretty optimistic about technology and the future, or at least their potential, so I'll probably come back to the story to set the record straight.

Page 6 finished inks and pencils large.j
comic story insect supervillain
comic story insect supervillain

This is a project I did with some kids at thePrimary School I was working at: They decided on a setting (in the woods), character (a supervillain) and period (the past), and we all worked on our own comics.

This was my 2 pages starring an insect-themed villain, Entomon, and her Firefly lackey, Cole.

Click here for a closer look at the planning and process behind these.

Iron Man Commission

A commission of Iron Man (wearing the Mark 42 armour from Iron Man 3) that I made for a young fan of the movies.

Iron Man Ton Stark superhero comic illustration
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