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Impirium logo 2.jpg

I've been working for Yelkrab studios, doing concept art for Impirium, a Third-Person shooter they're developing, originally under the working title of Primal Khaos. The project is being developed alongside ArtSHINE, who put me in contact with Rob from the studio, thinking that some of my Mechanicals work and other projects made us a good fit for each other.

Chordir colour experiments 1 p.png
insect and fish heads sketches .png
rifle 2.png

You can look for some of my Impirium (or Primal : Khaos, as the development name was) designs in the blog, where I've put the process drawings to show and how I developed the visuals and ideas.

I've been given a pretty free rein with my designs, and it's been great developing them completely digitally, and then seeing them developed by the rest of the team.

Impirium is a project in progress, so keep checking back here and on the blog for updates.

Alien Races

The Chordir

I started off by looking at unusual animals. That's often a great way to get ideas for unusual-looking aliens. As you can see, one of the first animals I thought of was a cool idea was the Hammerhead Shark, which quickly became the Chordir. After repeating the hammerhead shape through their weapons and armour, I ended up inventing an entire religion, which expanded into the lore of the Chordir.

To get a better look at how I developed the design of the Chordir, click through to the blog entries for them.

Keep checking back, as there are more alien races that will appear here, and I'll be using the blog to show more of the process and development of these designs.

armour sketch 3.png
Chordir Sniper Marine helmet.png
Chordir bomber helmet.png
Chordir legs png.png
Chordir armour torso.png
chordir arms png.png
The Gest

The Gest are a mechanical, AI species, with collapsible bodies, inspired by prosthetics and real-world robotics, like the DARPA Challenge.

Gest legs png.png
Gest arms.png
Armour 3.png
helmet 4.png

Impirium's Armoury


I designed a range of futuristic and alien firearms, many of which are inspired by fictional and real-life science that has sparked my imagination, like the Rail-gun rifle, (read the blog entry that explains why it's a cool idea, and what it has to do with Megatron), and the electromagnetic super-heated plasma grenade launcher

rifle sketches l.png
rifle 1.png
Pistol 3a.png
launcher 2.png
Shields, grenades and melee weapons

Each character in Impirium will be carrying some combination of these, along with their firearms.

Shields l.png
grenade 2.png
Mêlée 2.png
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