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twisted romance illustration la piscine melancholia kirsten dunst

Pistol Pope #1 cover 2012

A cover I was commissioned to do as a birthday gift, based on this brief:


When a new Pope is chosen, he must first prove himself.


How, you say?




He travels back in time to the Old West. To catch outlaws? No. To forge a new frontier? Pah!


No, he fights vampire Nazis.

Shlomo album cover illustration beatbox
Twisted Romance (for Electric Sheep magazine, September 2011)

Electric Sheep magazine is a great magazine with "a deviant view of cinema", and a really good podcast (I can definitely recommend the one on 'Secret Societies'). I provided the illustration for their 'Twisted Romance' month, combining images from 3 films they are reviewing and looking at: La PiscineDays of Heaven; and Lars Von Trier's Melancholia.

pope nazi western illustration comic cover pistols
Shlomo 'Mouthtronica' cover 2011

Shlomo's a great, experimental beatboxer, often performing with his creation, the Vocal Orchestra. If you get a chance to see him performing with them, or solo, I recommend it.

This is a cover design I came up with for his Mouthtronica EP.

Jane Bromfield childcare logo 2012

A logo I made for a childcare provider.

childcare logo illustration children playing
black fatherhood illustration dad and son
Childhood images 2010

These are just images I made that are personal to me. Just some happy memories of my dad, sister and a friend (although looking at it now, in Kids' Stuff, we kind of look like we're doing a 'Hands up don't shoot' protest, which is... different).

multicultural children illustration card design
advert bar jazz illustration
bar music night advert illustration
bar halloween party advert skeleton witch illustration
Apostles bar adverts 2010

No, not a weird, religion-themed bar (although it's an interesting idea). The Apostles was named after the area it was in (there were 12 streets - see?).


Like most bars, they had themed nights, and these are some of the posters I made to promote them. The Cocktail Night and Jazzy Sundays ones feature staff frmo the bar.


Obviously the Halloween one doesn't - I mean, there wasn't a skeleton working at the bar. You knew that.

cocktail bar advert illustration
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