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Mechanical Typography project 
man with tablet letters png_edited.png
office room a-z repeating.png
room mockup numbers yellow.jpeg
bedroom 3 numbers 1 horizontal png.png

After creating an alien alphabet for Impirium, I wanted to have a go at a more detailed alphabet that could be used as a font set. It's also been fun making some concept images for rooms and items using the letters, so here's a few of those.

This is an ongoing project, so this page will be getting updated regularly as I add more. You can get more details by looking at the blog entries for each letter.

Also, you can buy quite a few items with some of these designs on ArtSHINE Playground, an experimental showcase created by Stuart and Vinh at ArtSHINE, with clothing, mugs, luggage, even facemasks. Go ahead and have a look!

a-z Capital and lower case square png.png
A-Z capitals offset repeating blue zoom 1 jpeg.jpg
Mum square.png
Numbers blue zoom 1 jpeg.jpeg
A-Z capitals offset repeating green zoom 2 jpeg.jpg
A-Z capitals offset repeating red zoom 2 jpeg.jpg
Dad square.png
Tammy square.png
Numbers and symbols repeating pattern offset yellow large zoom 2 jpeg.jpg
Numbers and symbols repeating pattern offset red large zoom 3 jpeg.jpg
1-10 landscape.png
Tech square.png
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