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Mechanical Typography project 
man with tablet letters png_edited.png
bedroom 2 png.png
Boy in bedroom numbers png.png
bedroom 3 numbers 1 horizontal png.png

After creating an alien alphabet for Impirium, I wanted to have a go at a more detailed alphabet that could be used as a font set. It's also been fun making some concept images for rooms and items using the letters, so here's a few of those.

This is an ongoing project, so this page will be getting updated regularly as I add more. You can get more details by looking at the blog entries for each letter.

Also, you can buy quite a few items with some of these designs on ArtSHINE Playground, an experimental showcase created by Stuart and Vinh at ArtSHINE, with clothing, mugs, luggage, even facemasks. Go ahead and have a look!

Aa colour png large png updated.png
Aa png large lines updates.png
Bb large.png
Bb lines large.png
Cc large.png
Cc lines large.png
Dd large.png
Dd lines large.png
Ee  colour png.png
Ee png.png
Ff large png.png
Ff large png.png
Ii  colour png.png
Ii png small.png
Hh lines square png.png
Hh colour square.png
Jj square png.png
Jj inks png square.png
Kk square colour.png
Kk lines png.png
Ll png.png
Ll lines no bg png.png
Mm lines large.png
Nn png.png
Nn lines no bg large png.png
Oo lines png.png
Oo colour png.png
Pp colour sq.png
Pp square lines png.png
Qq large square.png
Qq lines square.png
Rr coLour png.png
Rr lines png.png
Ss large png.png
Ss lines large.png
Tt large.png
Tt png large.png
Uu colour png.png
Uu lines png.png
Vv square png.png
Vv lines.png
Ww lines png.png
Ww png.png
Yy lines large.png
Xx png.png
Xx lines square.png
Zz png square.png
Zz lines square png.png
Mum square.png
Tammy square.png
Theo square.png
Dad square.png
Matt square.png
Tech square.png
0 zero lines png.png
0 zero png.png
1 one png small.png
1 one lines png.png
2 lines png bg.png
2 png bg.png
4 png.png
4 lines png large.png
3 png.png
3 lines png large.png
7 colour square large.png
7 lines large.png
5 large.png
5 lines png.png
6 colour large.png
6 lines large.png
8 large bg png.png
8 lines large.png
9 large.png
9 lines large.png
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