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The Battle of Brick Lane 2014

An amphibious creature emerged from the sewers beneath Brick Lane, London, panicking local residents yesterday. Patrolling meta-officer, Jacqueline Bambera confronted the creature, and peacefully subdued it. She announced to the press that she plans to train it to fight crime with her.

An illustration of a robot fghting a superhero in front of a photograph of graffiti in a tunnel

A robotic terror attack was averted yesterday, when a rogue group of far-Right engineers attempted to unleash a “Blitz-Droid” on London. A tip-off allowed authorities to direct a local superhero to the scene, where the robot was subdued. 

To see how I made this image, read its blog entry.

Melee in Melbourne 2015
Assault on Alton Lane 2015

If you want to know the back story for this piece, you're in luck as a local newspaper picked up the story. I've included a copy of that day's front page below.

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