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Fantasy and Imagination @ The Shop Gallery, opening tonight!

Just got some photos in for the opening night of the Fantasy and Imagination exhibition. We were busy putting it up last night, and it is nice to hear all the other artists having the same kind of neurotic conversations I have in my head all the time ("Did it come out OK?" "Have I got them level?" "I was really worried about getting this one done...").

My work's ready to go, as you can see below, and I've also put in the photos by the other artists: Laura Wellington, Robert Luxford, Leon Harvey, Nathan Seabolt, Waiton Fong, Deon McGrath, Yonas Bauer, Regine Clarke, Peter Fairfax, Chris Drew, Geoffrey Goodes, Dominic Proust, and Lou Steer.

Anyone in Sydney should head down for the opening night, from 6 tonight

December 17-24 Gallery Opening: December 17 at 6:00 PM

There will be free food, drink and live music

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