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Robot-Breakdancing into the future!

Yeah, I didn't really have any good breakdancing jokes after 'Electric Boogaloo'.

I did a few different sketches of this dancer, as the pose and angle would have gotten a bit distorted quite easily.

I really liked the stripe on the t-shirt, so I thought it was a good element to keep. The hair is great too (and a reminder of when I, too, had it), so it made sense to incorporate that into it as well.

I had to do a few colour variations to properly get him to work. I liked the blue tee, but it just didn't work against the background I'd chosen to go with the dancer, so I tried a few combinations, until I hit on the rose version that made it into the final version.


You should come see this guy! At my show! That's Happening! In September! You should get your tickets now, and come along to The Alley đường hẻm, 212 Enmore Rd, Enmore, Sydney on Wednesday 4th of September at 6.00pm. You could even buy him!

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