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I'm back!Surtex 2019!

It's come around again! Last year I headed over to New York with ArtSHINE for Surtex 2018. I won't be there in person this year (sorry fans!), but ArtSHINE will be taking my work over again, so anyone looking for some great art to license can catch up with Vinh and Stuart there!

#ArtSHINE #brightstarsJames Mathurin @mathurinjames. Using a combination of traditional pencil, pen and ink, #photography, and #digital#techniques, James’ art shows move through alternate pasts, presents and futures. In the past, the art world responds to having intelligent machines living alongside us in the 19th and early 20th Century; In one present, strange creatures and robots confront heroic figures in the middle of our cities, while in another, refugees from other dimensions live, work, and play alongside us; In a possible future, corporate cyborgs seek to forcibly acquire a new employee. A full collection of works will be showing at this February 3-6 @surtexshow @javitscenter #newyorkcity. Come and view James works at #artshinebooth3377 . Our artists create works for #manufactures and #commercialagencies. Browse over 1000 #readytolicense #images from our #artist at #artshine #artshinelicensing #artshinebooth3377 #surtex #surtexbooth3377 #photography #licensethisart #brandidentity #brandlicensing #dailyartpick

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