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Primal:Khaos Grenade Designs

In Primal:Khaos, part of the game is going to spent shooting stuff, and part is going to be spent blowing stuff up. Here, for your perusal, are some of the things you will chuck around to carry out the afore-mentioned blowing up.

This lot of designs actually started off as models which Rob offered to let me jazz up a little. You will have seen them already in the Melee weapons post from last week. The main thing was to keep the shape, but make it a design that would stand out, including glowing highlights.

This is the cube-y design. It's a cube. Six sides, all that jazz. It will blow up in your face.

And here's Rob's model. It looks all very innocent, but then, grenades pretty much all do.

So, that's these weapons (so far). Subscribe to the newsletter, and follow me on Tumblr, Facebook and/or Twitter so you don't miss the next update!

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