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Primal:Khaos Melee Weapons

Primal:Khaos is going to be a game with plenty of shooting, but there's always a need to get up-close-and-personal, and so, you're going to need some melee weapons. I wanted to try to communicate that these were related to actual weapons (I mean, there's only so many ways you can hit, cut or pierce your opponents, right?) but augmented with energy.

I started off with a combination night-stick/cattle prod. In all honesty, this is not as far-fetched an idea as I'd like (doesn't seem too outlandish to see a thing like this being used by police in the current climate). The middle one is a sword that has some pretty clear gaming influences. Again, a blade like that wouldn't be that great at cutting, but the void in the blade would be used to channel energy generated in the gap, to deliver heat or a shock. The third one is based on the swords below, with blades that are held in place by energy fields.

Here's the tidied, shaded versions of the weapons. Again, the white highlights are planned to be glowing in the game, so I think it's a good look all around (if I do say so myself).

I also had another set of weapons here - The first one was a little too busy, so I simplified it to some kind of super-can opener. The next one is a kind of energy blade, but I was thinking, "You know, why would the energy stay within the visible spectrum?" It's sad, this is stuff I think about. The last one is a fancy club. Can't just bash people round the head with a bit of wood.

Here's the finished designs, looking pretty formidable.

And here's Rob's models of the weapons, and a couple of extra ones. Below them are a few grenades, which I'll be posting about in the future.

So, that's these weapons (so far). Subscribe to the newsletter, and follow me on Tumblr, Facebook and/or Twitter so you don't miss the next update!

#yelkrabstudios #sketches #scifi #gaming #weapons #conceptart #PrimalKhaos #Impirium

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