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Primal:Khaos Plasma Launcher

This was a weapon I designed as a bit of a tribute to a comic favourite of mine: Hardware's Plaser. From the Milestone comic Hardware, this was a weapon built by the lead character Curtis "Hardware" Metcalfe, that generated and contained superheated plasma in a magnetic bottle, and propelled it at a target using a laser. It was intended as a weapon he could only use a few times without burning his suit out, and I loved it.

Unlike the railgun, there aren't any real versions of the Plaser that I know of, but I wanted to find some factual basis for the design. It turns out that magnetic bottles are a real part of thermonuclear fusion experiments. They are powerful magnetic fields that can contain superheated plasma, and they look pretty damn cool.

I think it's apparent where some of the existing tech has been incorporated into the designs, here with the sketches for the other grenade launcher.

I adapted the sketches into the design, and even annotated it, because this wasn't just some funny looking gun, I meant business.

And Rob, as always, made it look awesome as a solid 3-D object!

So, that's the Plaser launcher (so far). Subscribe to the newsletter, and follow me on Tumblr, Facebook and/or Twitter so you don't miss the next update!

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