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Steampunk and Street art Superhero T-Shirts available now!

So, I did my inaugural market stall yesterday (feel free to mentally substitute a catchier name) at Glebe market. It was the debut of my new t-shirts, which are now on sale in the store (perfect Christmas gift if you're still shopping - hint, hint)

The first design is the "l'ermitage" design, a robotic steampunk rendering of a Paul Emile Berthon piece.

The other piece is one of my Street Art Superhero pieces, a combination of drawing and street art photography. This one is 'The Battle of Brick Lane'.

I'll add more products in the New Year, so keep checking back to the blog and the store. Pop on over to the store now, and choose what size you want your t-shirt in, Small, Medium, Large, or XL.

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