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Upcoming exhibition! Multi-Dimensional Urban Spaces opens Wednesday 4th September

Hi everyone! I have exciting news! Brought to you by Vinh and Stuart at ArtSHINE, my first solo show is coming up in September! The opening reception is on Wednesday 4th September, and if you are interested, please click the link to register, and come along on the night! Hopefully I’ll see you there!

About the exhibition Everything meets in the city. Languages, cultures, technology, history and perspectives. That’s something that’s always made me love living in the city, and those shifting intersections are expressed in the pieces in this collection, where the dimensions of myth, tradition and the mundane exist at the same point in Spacetime as those of science, progress and the fantastic.

As well as the new Dancer pieces, There'll be stuff from my Typography, Portals, Mechanicals, and Refugees series.

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