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I've been coping with a moderate Mass Effect addiction for the last few months. I'd say I'm kicking the habit, but, well, I would definitely be lying. I love the art of story-telling, and Mass Effect is just a fantastic example. It's an amazing fictional universe to explore, from the Rachni War, to Elkor Shakespeare.

For anyone who doesn't know, you play as Shephard, a character you can personalise in terms of gender and appearance. Here's my Shephard, kitted out as she was when I finished Mass Effect 3: She's got her Geth Pulse Rifle, and her Cerberus Phantom armour, which she won after breaking the scoreboard at the Arma Armour Arena. She's saved several races from genocide, forged alliances between warring planets, and defended the galaxy from the Reapers. She's pretty awesome.

Let me know in the comments, what was your Shephard like? Did you, like me, actually like the ending to Mass Effect 3?

#gaming #characterart #scifi #masseffect #shephard

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