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Different Worlds #1 - The World with The Mechanicals

With the 'Different Worlds' show coming up, I wanted to focus on the actual different worlds I'm using to link my work. The first is the one that links my Steampunk, robot/art nouveau pieces, and the more recent Dancers piece. This is a world where, since the Victorian era, mankind has lived alongside intelligent, robotic creatures, known as 'The Mechanicals'.

In an alternate history, Art Nouveau designer Paul Berthon depicts a living mechanical model as he promotes his upcoming show, L’ermitage. The choice of model is controversial, with ‘mechanicals’, as they are known, are an underclass viewed with suspicion by many.

Despite being recognised as intelligent, feeling beings, machines were very much treated as an underclass in Victorian society. Aware of this, but unsure of how to advance themselves, some remodelled their bodies into imitations of human aristocracy, sometimes even commissioning self-portraits.

In this alternate Victorian era, many machines tried to alter their appearance to assimilate into human society without an understanding of social constructs like race and gender. It confused them that, for example, identifying as a black woman further lowered their social status.

The Dancers

In the early Twentieth Century, mechanicals started to identify with groups who were marginalised like them, such as African-Americans. This led to many mechanicals becoming part of the jazz scene, as seen in this image from a 1930s jazz club.

Just a reminder, the show is on at ArtSHINE Gallery, from tomorrow, February 1st, to the 22nd. The opening night is on Saturday, from 2pm.

Please join us to celebrate the launch of a joint exhibition by Girija Kulkarni and James Mathurin. Girija and James were the joint winners of the 2016 "Celebrate Diviersity" competition.

"Different Worlds"


1st-22nd February


Saturday Sat 04 February

from 2 PM - 4 PM


3 Blackfriars Street, Chippendale


There are different small worlds in this big world. Different people, different thoughts, different visions, different goals, and so many more different things.

The 'different' is not as a 'comparison'. 'Different is a 'diversion'.

We all are the same in this world. The same but different. This makes us each unique and special.

In this show you can see the differences between the two artists; different subjects, different styles, and different mediums.

Girija works with natural elements and watercolours. Her works are based on the real world.

James is fantasy and scientific based with lines, shapes, and digital colouring.

All these differences are very apparent, but the common factor between them is “diversity”.

We invite you to join us to celebrate the opening of this exhibition, and enjoy “DIFFERENT WORLDS” with Girija and James.

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