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Impirium logo

Impirium, like anything else, needs a logo. and I ended up constructing one from a few different elements I'd created.

I knew I wanted to create something that would be an easily-recognised, simplified symbol, something that can sit alongside these other gaming logos. To be honest, working in a High School, the idea in the back of my head was something a player could jot in their exercise book.

Again, I started this while we were using the Primal : Khaos working title, so I was trying to find a glyph that used the initials, and made them into one image. You can see in the sketches that I was trying to work out a way to frame the glyph, and I ended up re appropriating one of my shield designs to be a frame.

I was happy with the overall design, but when we changed to the Impirium name, the glyph needed to be updated, so I sketched out a few new versions based on the letters in the name. The final result is at the top of this entry, and the Impirium page on the main site. What do you think of it? Any different directions I could have taken?

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