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New Project: Celebrating Diversity

How's it going? Last time, I was showing you some sketches I'd been working on. This is what I was using them to develop: My entry for the ArtSHINE gallery's “Celebrate Diversity” Art Prize Competition.

I'm going to go into more detail about the thinking behind this when I put up the final piece, but I will share ArtSHINE's brief:

Our FIRST Celebrate Diversity Competition to showcase what artists can create in an A3 size.

How would you define diversity?

Our definition of diversity would include openness to differences among people, cultures and perspectives. A wide range of interests, backgrounds, experiences.

Diversity is a satisfying mix of ideas, cultures, races, genders, economic statuses and other characteristics necessary for promoting growth and learning among a group.

Tolerance of thought, ideas, people with differing viewpoints, backgrounds, and life experiences.

Variation in race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political leanings, professional and personal background.

Anything that sets one individual apart from another. However, often it is used to specifically reference gender, race, ethnicity, and more recently sexual orientation differences.

Having a multitude of people from different backgrounds and cultures together in the same environment working for the same goals.

Opening Night Award:

Thursday 18th February from 6-8.00pm

People’s Choice Award:

Saturday 5th March from 2-4.00pm.

Exhibition from 17th February until 6th March 2016

“Celebrate Diversity – Information”

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