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Robotic B-boys

I thought I'd try combining a few interests I've already used in my art in a few different ways.

This isn't the first time I've put my images with my photos, as you can see in my Portals series, but I thought I'd incorporate the Mechanical style I've used in the Mechanicals series and my typography project, and add a bit of hip-hop culture too.

A well-timed photo of a b-boy dancing can be an amazing image. I found one which I thought was a really expressive pose, and appropriated it to be a robot. I decided to use colour sparingly, as I often feel it's the best way to approach my work.

The photograph was from my recent trip to Stanmore. I wanted to try taking some street art photos that establish the art within the environment, instead of my normal approach, which is generally to focus on the art in isolation.

I did do a quick practice version, but I felt that it needed a bit more variation in the body, plus the angle of the shadow was wrong.

This is probably going to be a new series, of at least a few images. What do you think?

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