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New piece for the 'Different Worlds' show - The Dancers

This is a first for me - my first entirely digital piece! This is an extension to my Steampunk pieces, bringing them out of the traditionally Victorian Steampunk era, and into the early Twentieth Century. This piece, The Dancers, is set in the Roaring 30's (The 30's roared, right? Was that the right decade?).

The Statement accompanying the piece reads,

"In the early Twentieth Century, mechanicals started to identify with groups who were marginalised like them, such as African-Americans. This led to many mechanicals becoming part of the jazz scene, as seen in this image from a 1930s jazz club."

As for the technique, this was done on my new Microsoft Surface, meaning I could actually sketch out the composition directly over the original photo that I was using as a basis for the picture.

See? I don't want to literally trace the photo, but this is an enjoyable way of getting the elements I wanted into the picture.

So, this piece is going to be at the Different Worlds exhibition with Girija Kulkarni at ArtSHINE Gallery between February 1-22, with the opening night on Saturday 4th February, between 2 and 4pm. If you're in Sydney, you should definitely come along! If you're not in Sydney, I'll be thinking of you.

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