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Primal : Khaos Grenade Launcher

This is a first look at the process I went through in designing one of the items in P:K, so we're going straight into one of the weapons I'd probably go for - the Grenade Launcher!

The first stage was research. Sitting and looking at grenade launchers for ages, always a weird experience in some ways. This design was one influenced by the sketches on the left, with the rotating barrels. The main thing was to get an idea of the silhouettes, so that I could stylise the design, but keep it recognisable. These sketches were done on my laptop, which is really nerdy fun. I really love being able to sketch in pencil and pen like I would traditionally do, but having that ability to undo, redo and alter lines in a way I never could on paper.

I wanted to incorporate a slightly more insectoid look, something with armour plates around it, perhaps with the plates on the barrel being able to open up for reloading. These types of weapons are the kind of heavy, bulky weapons that will be carried around by the Cannoneers, so definitely not sleek or delicate.

Here's the final design. Rob's brief was for the designs to show areas that can be illuminated for night and low-light missions, and the areas that will be textured by Sarah later on.

This is the bit that I really loved, seeing the launcher translated into a 3-D model. I've seen some of these live, spinning around to every angle, in a way I've normally only been able to do in my head. It's ridiculously fun seeing more and more of my designs become solid, and I'll definitely be sharing the further stages as they become available.

So, that's this weapon (so far). Subscribe to the newsletter, and follow me on Tumblr, Facebook and/or Twitter so you don't miss the next update!

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