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Primal:Khaos Armour designs (1)

When I started my Primal:Khaos designs, I I did start off with the helmets before I moved onto armour. I actually asked for some tips from my cousin, Robert Shaer, who's been making games for years. One of them was to make the back of the characters look interesting, as the players will be mainly seeing them from that angle.

I was sketching this out at the same time as I was working on the Plasma Launcher, so I thought about incorporating some of the magnetic generators from the front of that design onto the back of this one as a power supply for the armour.

This design will become one of the alien species fighting in the Primal:Khaos arenas. For now, I guess it can have a working title of "The Tuber".

Again, I enjoyed taking the sketches and tidying them up, or extending them further to get the proper designs.

I really enjoyed putting this armour concept together, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I've seen some animation tests by Rob and Ricardo, and they looked amazing, so I can't wait to see this armour appear running around.

So, that's this armour (so far). Subscribe to the newsletter, and follow me on Tumblr, Facebook and/or Twitter so you don't miss the next update!

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