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How I developed the Chordir

As I said on the Impirium page on the site, the Chordir were basically the first race I created in my Impirium designs. I caught onto the distinctive shape of the head of the Hammerhead Shark, so the first thing I did was try out some helmet design, to go over the head of a Hammerhead. From that basic design, I made some class variations, so that there's a standard, marine and sniper, which became Wardens, Cannoneers and Arbalests as the game developed.

I wanted to have some armour that would go with the helmet, so that it could be a complete set. Obviously, I couldn't just stack a series of Hammerhead helmets until they look like a torso.


Actually, that might have been a quicker solution. Damn.

OK, so what actually happened was that I tried to keep the most distinctive aspect of the helmet repeating, so that each section of the armour was shaped in some kind of 'T' shape to mirror the Hammerhead.

These arm and leg designs came from sketches, which I was then able to draw over and turn into finished designs. This was the first time I had worked directly from sketches like this.

Because the Hammerhead shape wasn't quite so clear on the arm and leg armour, I took advantage of the requirement I'd been given that the armour needed to have glowing highlights for fighting in low-light conditions. You can see how I've come up with a Hammer-head shaped glyph that can be printed on each section.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this making-of post. If you've any idea how I could develop some of this further, please let me know, as it's always fun to push this further.

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